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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

It has been a very busy week, month, and year in Day 20 land, so today we're taking some time to lay it all out and show what this year will be - not just what we've already done, but what we plan to do. Some of this includes special collaborations with our partners throughout the TTRPG space (hence some website improvements being in the works as well).

Things That Were

January & February saw the chaos of OGL-gate, causing us to do a quick pivot into more non-D&D projects along with updating our OGL 1.0a store to utilize

In April we released "The Dragon Patron", our latest subclass for D&D 5e focused on unique hoard mechanics for the Warlock class. Canvas Rebel also features our lead designer, Matt Best (@Krasiph) in an article discussing the heart and objectives behind Day 20.

May saw our second non-D&D product in the form of our first CY_BORG release: "Boomhunter's Laughter & Satisfaction". We also sold out all of our GenCon events, including a learn-to-play session for CY_BORG featuring that same adventure.

Things That Are

June is pride month, and we are proud to once again be partnering with Tales of Initiative to help bring the second annual Tales Pride Initiative to life. This weekend, June 23rd and 24th, the case of Tales of Initiative will be joining forces with special guests to bring three amazing games to life. Tune in on Twitch for an incredible time, multiple giveaways (including some Day 20 products), and the opportunity to donate and support The Trevor Project.

In addition to that, there's still time to pick up our Thirsty Sword Lesbians playbook "The Unknown" for 20% off. But act fast, the sale only lasts to the end of the month.

On top of all that, the final entry in the Feywild trilogy "Through the Veil" has just gone live on DM's Guild. A follow-up to Platinum and Gold medal predecessors, this entry focuses on the monsters, NPCs, and familiars one might encounter on a journey into the realm of faerie. And 16 of those monsters come from the mind of our lead designer Matt! So go pick up a fantastic community project that also supports our efforts here at Day 20.

Release announcement banner for "Through The Veil: Monsters of the Feywild".

Things That Will Be

Or as certain elves might say, "things that have not yet come to pass", but that's a bit of a wordy heading XD

Here's the content, collaborations, and events you can expect to see from us throughout the rest of 2023!

July. We're always striving to improve how we interact with our community and deliver our content. In that vein we're going to be updating the website to include new pages that feature collaborations, partnerships, and other work by our team members. This way you can always support not just us, but the folks we believe in, even if it's not on a Day 20 product.

August. Just in time for our return to GenCon Indy - the first time since 2019 - we'll be releasing a brand new scalable adventure: "Trials of the Undying". Previously known as "The Gauntlet", this combat focused tactical adventure will put even the boldest min-maxers to the test.

September. Last year we released a themed duo of subclasses: the Astral Tinkerer Artificer and the Way of the Hidden Realm Monk, two subclasses focused on the mysteries Hidden Realm. Well now it's time to go even bigger as we release three subclasses all sharing a theme: The Void. Walk the paths between worlds and draw power from the primordial forces of the cosmos with a Barbarian Path, Paladin Oath, and Rogue Archetype.

October. Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year, and we love to put out spooky adventures to thrill and chill. We don't want to spoil what this will be, trick or treat, but we're very excited to share it with y'all.

November. We'll be helping our friends at Tales of Initiative to bring their biggest charity stream event ever to life - a 24 hour TTRPG marathon livestream supporting Extra Life's annual Game Day charity drive.

December. You've heard the 12 Days of Christmas, but what about the 12 Nights of RPGs!? We'll be releasing a slew of smaller pay-what-you-want content supplements; gifts to all those that have supported us through the years that also showcase where we'd like to go in 2024.

We hope you're as excited as we are for the future of Day 20.

See ya then!

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