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GenCon 2023 Events

It's that time of year again - time to register for GenCon Events!!!

We've got three fantastic events this year. Registration is tomorrow (May 21st), so if you haven't already added our events to your wish list, here's a quick rundown of everything on offer for GenCon 2023.

Trials of the Undying

First we have our debut events for "Trials of the Undying", a brand new D&D 5e adventure that will be released just in time for the con. With a focus on grueling combat and tactical challenge, this is sure to scratch that initiative itch.

If you've attended our events in the past (including our very first GenCon back in 2019), you might be familiar with this adventure under a different name: "The Gauntlet". We took all that great feedback from the past few years of running it, got some amazing art from a fellow TTRPG live-streamer, and focused on custom stat blocks to make sure the challenges worked no matter content you already own for 5th edition. That also means this will be released under the Creative Commons license, for those that care about that stuff ;)

This adventure really focuses on combat. While there are a few opportunities for fun roleplay and exploration, we wanted to emphasize tactical combat in a way that gave power gamers, min maxers, and veterans a lot to chew on. We also blended some interesting puzzle elements with the fights, so this is gonna be about more than just HP and AC - you'll have to analyze the enemies to figure out how to defeat them. Your tried and true "I Attack!" strategies might just get you killed.

There will be two events for "Trials of the Undying"; one for Tier 1 and another for Tier 4. This will give folks a chance to celebrate the full range of scaling available with our Dynamic Challenge system, which adapts the stat blocks and DCs to suite the level of play. We are also debuting a brand new dynamic stat block format that we're super excited about. It should be easier for GMs to reference while still taking less paper / screen space than our previous iterations, which either used big messy code blocks or had separate stat blocks for each tier. We love it so much we'll be back-porting this same format into our older products and releasing updated versions in time for GenCon.

One Night at Boomhunter's

We're also stepping into new, nanoinfested waters with "One Night at Boomhunter's", a learn-to-play event featuring an album-jam adventure for MorkBorg's fantastic CY_BORG TTRPG. You can sign up for the event here.

This system has captured our hearts since we first picked it up back in January, so we only felt it was right to jam out some spicy new content for it and have some fun spreading the cyber joy to others! If you don't know about CY_BORG (or its predecessor MÖRK BORG), don't worry. The whole point of this adventure is to provide you with a highly thematic, zany introduction to the incredibly dystopic but infinitely entertaining world of CY_. Character sheets will be provided and you'll be taught everything you need to know to enjoy this insane game.

As for the adventure itself, we'll be exploring a randomized mission taking place in the electro-drunk kill-club called "Laughter and Satisfaction" where competitors (or victims) compete in teams to destroy the opposing side's base, all while dodging the bullet fire of drones and auto-turrets. But not all the action is down in the arena. Several VIPs - corpos, pop personalities, and sentient AI - are in attendance, tossing creds in with the peasantry of the cheap seats on bets of all sorts. All of this madness plays out to the theme of Basshunter's 2006 "LOL" album. See if you can spot all the references and get yourself some extra glitches. It might just save your punk's life!

And if you can't make the con, never fear! The adventure will be coming out this month as part of the Album Crawl 3.0: Y2K Jam over on

It's been 3 years since we were able to run events in person. We're thrilled to be returning to Indy and hope you'll join us.

Thank you for your support and happy gaming!

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