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The folks at Day 20 are producing content all over.
Here's the other places you can find and support us!

Tales of Initiative

We are a proud sponsor of Tales of Initiative: a community of actual-play TTRPG streams focused on telling inclusive stories. Tune in to see some of our content in action as our lead writer/designer, Matt, runs an eldritch horror campaign on Mondays at 4pm Eastern time, and plays an Inquisitor named Void on Wednesdays at 5pm Eastern time.

Temperamental Upgrades

A collection of rules expansions and player options to take your punks to the outer edges of Cy. This fully illustrated A5 zine inclues 3 locations, 3 enemies, 4 job modules, 3 classes, 2 rule hacks, and plenty of ancillary tables, all ready to be used standalone or tied together.

Through the Veil: Monsters of the Feywild

Through the Veil: Monsters of the Feywild features 200 pages of D&D5e feywild monsters, NPCs, and familars. Packed full of stat blocks and full color art to bring the Fey Realms to your D&D5e table!

Dark Encounters

A grim and gloomy collection of encounters, hooks, and random tables for mature audiences. Join the Kickstarter to support this project and get it as soon as possible!

Monsters & Magic

A bestiary from Windmill Slam Games featuring over 100 monsters based on European folklore and myth. It also contains 9 ready-to-run adventures featuring the book's monsters.

M&M 2: The Book of Cults

334 full-color pages of new character options, monsters, magic items, and even complete adventures for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. It details 25 cults featuring fascinating philosophies, newly discovered deities, customs, and rituals for your game.

Gally & Grumble's Terrific Travels

A full-color booklet containing travel rules for different terrain types, weather effects, unique places to rest, and seasonal encounters. Terrific Travel encounters are for groups of all ages, compatible with every fantasy RPG system, rules light and have a focus on storytelling over combat.

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