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The Inquisitor

A new class for D&D 5e that blends divine spellcasting, skill expertise, and martial capabilities.

A new class for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: The Inquisitor!

These holy warriors are empowered to use any and all means necessary to pursue the enemies of their faith. The class is part spell caster, part martial force, and part skill monkey, able to adapt to any situation through their training and divine Judgement abilities.

This supplement includes...

  • The Inquisitor class: a Wisdom-based 2/3rds caster (like artificer) that combines magic with martial and skill-based features.

  • Five subclasses, each representing a particular Writ an inquisitor undertakes in their holy quest. The goal is the same - to purge the world of your faith's adversaries - but the means by which those ends are achieved are unique to an inquisitor and their Divine Writ.

  • Seven unique spells that represent the inquisitor's deep understanding of ancient religious scripture; holy warriors reciting Litanies and lost words of creation to produce powerful effects.

  • Five NPC stat blocks so that DMs can include inquisitors in their world as both adversaries and allies. Each represents an archetypical member of each of the divine writs included in this supplement.

  • Art to inspire and delight, courtesy of the DMs Guild content creator resources.

Expand your game and go on a fantasy crusade with The Inquisitor!

Want a sneak peek? Check out Rich Merry's review of the class!

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