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A Happy Hiatus

This month we want to say a big "thank you!" to everyone that has engaged with our blog over the past few years. It's been fun putting out little bite-sized chunks of content, analysis, and thoughts. However, today marks the last consistent entry in our blog series.

This doesn't mean that the blog is going away. You'll still be able to go back and reference old posts which we hope are still entertaining and informative.

What it does mean is actually very good: we simply have too many irons in the fire. Our writing schedule for 2024 is truly ambitious. More ambitious than we've been able to express to you as of yet! And in order to meet those goals, we're going to have to focus as much of our time and energy on achieving them as we can. When inspiration strikes and we think there's something worth saying, we'll gladly return to give you a new blog post. Think of this space as a place for big announcements, celebrations, and other more-permanent communications than what you might find on our social media. It still has a purpose in the world of Day 20, just not the (mostly) monthly cadence that it used to have.

With that said, let's start our celebrations off right with a rapid fire run down of all the big news that has us hard at work behind the scenes!

New Subclass - Fiendish Sorcery

Today we release the latest in our D&D 5e subclass cycle: Fiendish Sorcery. This sorcerous origin for 5th edition sorcerers represents fiendish influence in your lineage, either by blood or by pact, that has gifted you with the innate powers of the lower planes. You can use these powers to craft magically binding contracts with others. This feature is focused on creativity and diplomacy; perfect for players that enjoy roleplay and finding nonviolent solutions to problems. It's also perfect for those players that want to pull off the perfect betrayal or legalistic "gotcha!" And as always, the PDF includes content for Game Masters to incorporate the subclass's themes into their games: a new spell called dark binding for wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers; and an NPC that represents the core mechanics of the subclass.

You can find out more about the Fiendish Sorcerey subclass here.

Our First Kickstarter... IS FUNDED!

We've partnered with Has Been Wizards to throw our mage-hats into the ring for Kickstarter's yearly Zine Quest: a celebration of indie TTRPGs through the beloved "zine" format. Together we're creating Temperamental Upgrades, a collection of locations, enemies, classes, jobs, and rules for CY_BORG that let you explore the areas outside of the infamous Cy, even going to the moon and back!

We wanted to dip our toes into the realm of crowd funding and get some experience ahead of some of our bigger plans, and we are so astounded to see all of the enthusiasm that has already found its way to our little corner of the internet. We aren't just funded, but we've already surpassed our funding goal and still have 23 days to go! That's crazy!

If you haven't already pledged or are just hearing about the campaign, go check out the Kickstarter now.

More To Come

We won't be so insane as to try and call our shots perfectly for this entire year, but we still want to give you an idea of just how much we have coming down the pipeline. Here's everything we are looking to create in 2024:

  • Temperamental Upgrades Zine

  • Complete our cycle of D&D 5e subclasses.

    • Blood Hunter

    • Cleric

    • Druid

    • Fighter

    • Wizard

  • A new Dynamic Challenge Rating D&D 5e adventure module.

  • An as-of-yet-unannounced Pathfinder 2e collaboration.

  • Playtest version of two brand new TTRPGs, made in collaboration with Has Been Wizards.

  • A GM Guide for Slime Time, last years hit one-page-TTRPG.

  • More amazing events and play tests at GenCon.

And that's just what we know we want to do. It's ambitious, but we think we can not only pull it off, but beat it. We'd love to release even more 5e adventures, for example. There are plenty in play test and rough draft, so we'll see just how much we can find time for as the year progresses.

Until Next Time

So as you can see, this isn't good bye. We might not see you every month, but we're still here, working to create even more content. And if you want more consistent peeks into what we're creating, go follow us on social media! You can also follow Matt, our lead developer, directly on their social media accounts.

Matt posts about all of our projects, releases, and has even more behind-the-scenes info for you. And if you've liked our advice blog posts, Matt's TikTok is almost entirely GM and Game Design advice.

Again, thank you for reading, thank you for following, and until next time, happy gaming!

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