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Fiendish Sorcery

A D&D 5e Sorcerous Origin that allows you to channel the dark powers of fiends to make pacts with friend & foe.

Fiends are creatures of pure evil, and you or someone from your lineage have gotten tied up in their dealings. The magic that springs forth from this connection reeks of pure evil, but this does not make you or your ancestors evil. No single act can define the soul. It is still your magic; a tool that can be wielded towards any ends.

This supplement includes...

  • Powerful bargains that, empowered by your sorcery, can bind other creatures to your will.

  • A Dark Disciple NPC. Inspired by this subclass, this NPC allows GMs to bring the Fiendish Sorcery archetype to their games, with or without a sorcerer PC.

  • Dark binding, a powerful spell that allows wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers to tap into the dark powers to ensure mutual suffering with their enemies.

Deal with the devil by adding this subclass to your D&D 5e collection!

Cover image and fill image by Kim Holm is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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