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Way of the Hidden Realm

A mind-bending monastic tradition for the D&D 5e Monk.

A new monastic tradition for Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

Within your mind's eye, nothing is impossible. You have mastered the Hidden Realm, an ancient technique wherein the flow of ki in your opponents body is placed completely under your control, plunging them into a world of your own design.

This supplement includes...

  • Befuddling mechanics that suppress your enemies while bolstering your allies. Make your character's dreams manifest with the magic of ki!

  • A Hidden Realm Scion NPC. Inspired by this subclass, this NPC allows GMs to bring the Hidden Realm to life in their games, with or without a monk PC.

  • Art to inspire and delight, courtesy of AI painting software and the Rijksmuseum.

Open the Hidden Realm and see what mysteries await!

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