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A Roguish Archetype for D&D 5e Rogues that want to be on the front lines, befuddling enemies with planar magics.

Voidwalkers are truly unique among the rogues of D&D. While evasion and subterfuge are still important to them, these survivors of the void have returned to the material plane forever changed. Through training and discipline they have  harnessed their connection to the void to make themselves a living nightmare - an unsettling thought that drifts in and out of reality to carve away at both body and mind.

This supplement includes...

  • A subclass for Rogues that want to be on the front lines of combat, engaging enemies directly while surviving the dangers that entails. Entangled with planar energy, these rogues distort reality around them to shield themselves from harm while also distracting their enemies.

  • Unsettling Journey tables to help inspire your backstory. How did your character reach the void, and how did they survive their encounter with such an alien realm?

  • The Void Key, a powerful dagger that uses alien metallurgy to double as a skeleton key. But this strange magic might open more than just physical doors.

  • The Voidwalker stat block. This lower level humanoid gives GMs a way to integrate the themes of The Void into their campaigns from the start. Masters of paranormal subterfuge, they can confound the party and become a recurring antagonist or ally.. or both!

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