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Trials of the Undying

An extreme challenge for D&D 5e veterans using the Dynamic Challenge Rating System.

The Undying Master - a title that sends shivers down the spines of the rich and powerful. Whether for the profit of a contract or the honor of defeating a powerful foe, nothing can stop the Undying Master once they set their sights on a target. But will the hunter become the hunted? None have dared face the Undying Master on their own turf… until now.

Trials of the Undying is a supreme test of a party’s endurance and tactical ability. There are minimal opportunities for roleplaying or typical exploration challenges, and no chances to achieve a long rest. Instead the adventure is focused on intense combats with puzzle elements to confound typical D&D 5e strategies; simply rolling initiative and attacking blindly will not suffice here. The enemies and hazards will require groups to utilize all of their abilities to the utmost while also identifying the tricks necessary to disable the most deadly elements of the encounters. It is recommended that players be very familiar with the rules of combat and that they also be prepared for the worst to happen. Without good strategy, death is very likely to occur.

This adventure utilizes the Day 20 Dynamic Challenge Rating system to provide a suitable challenge for 4-6 heroes of any level. The monsters, hazards, and puzzles within will automatically adapt to suit whatever level the table wants to play!

"Trials of the Undying" is Copyright 2023, Day 20. All rights reserved.

Title & Character art by Kelsey Malm, a.k.a. Enigmatic Tiefling

This work includes material taken from the System Reference Document 5.1 (“SRD 5.1”) by Wizards of the Coast LLC and available at The SRD 5.1 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 

This work includes art by Hey Rabbit from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0).

This work includes photography by William (flickr user heyitschili) (CC BY-ND 2.0)


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