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The Lattice

A piercing aberration designed to challenge veteran D&D 5e players.

In D&D 5e, damage resistances and immunities play a critical role in the tactics of a combat. But they could be better.

The Lattice is a monster designed to push parties to their limits by befuddling the usually safe physical damage types. The creature's physiology makes it impossible to slay with arrows or bolts as the ammunition passes harmlessly through its hollow form. Worse yet is the cacophonous reverberation caused by blunt objects striking it. The tubular limbs not only pierce enemies, snapping off to leave bleeding wounds, but root it so firmly in the ground as to make it immovable. Magical weapons aren't going to be the panacea that they usually are, and without the right damage type, these creatures will prove deadly. Create better, more exciting tactics for your D&D 5e games using this threatening aberration.

Designed using the Day 20 Dynamic Challenge System, this monster scales to suit any level. Whether your party is just starting or are at the end of a high level campaign, this stat block will serve you well!

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