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The Dragon Patron

An Otherworldly Patron for the D&D 5e Warlock that channels the hoarding magic of dragons.

Dragons - the namesake creature of D&D. Who wouldn't want to bind themselves to these awesome creatures whose very nature strikes awe & dread in the minds of lesser beings? Warlocks who forge a pact with the scaled tyrants come to know the intoxicating power of draconic avarice. As their wealth grows, so does their power.

This supplement includes...

  • A subclass for Warlocks that want to draw power from dragons, be it the knowledge of these ancient beasts or a specific dragon in your game's lore.

  • The Scalepact Warrior stat block. Introduce this iconic subclass to your game even if no players choose it. Will they serve the evil dragon the party is hunting? Or will they be a boon to safeguard the party's collected wealth?

  • The Scaleblade: a powerful magic item specific to this sublcass. Forged from the scales and blood of felled dragons, its power is truly fearsome.

  • Art to inspire and delight, courtesy of the online British Museum and the immensely talented Kate Weize.

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