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The Court of Seasons

A roleplay-heavy, whimsical D&D 5e adventure for any level of play.

The seasons are broken! Lands to the south suffer unprecedented heat while the farmers a few leagues north cannot plant their spring crops due to unseasonal snows. Is this a precursor of impending doom or the meddlings of a crazed mage? So far no answers have been found, but there is one stone left unturned: The Court of Seasons. These ancient fey lords and ladies are as old as memory, and legend says they control the climate throughout the Material Plane, ensuring balance between the four seasons. Will the court hold the answers, or just more questions?

Fun for all levels! This dynamic and scalable adventure is the epitome of Day 20's design philosophy. Scaling mechanics provide suitable challenges for every level of play, allowing you to enjoy it at level 17 as easily as level 3.

Challenges for all play styles! Players will partake in a lively romp through the demiplanes of Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer to prove themselves worthy of the aid of the powerful Lords & Ladies of the Court of Seasons. The challenges are focused on role playing and exploration, with a few combats to keep everyone engaged.

Inclusive and diverse story telling! The members of the Court of Seasons represent a wide array of personalities, expressions, and genders. Representation in gaming is important, and special care has been taken to make sure these characters feel true to the real life stories they touch on.


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