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Terazul Returned

A fun and spooky D&D 5e adventure for heroes of levels 1 to 4.

Looking for a fun introductory adventure for new players? Or perhaps a setting-agnostic adventure with some lightly Halloween elements to play for everyone's favorite spooky holiday? This adventure has every thing you need to run a family friendly game night with the worlds greatest roleplaying game!

Terazul Returns is an adventure that focuses on classic D&D elements such as dungeon delving, tactical combat, and dragons!

The adventure includes...

  • A guide to Digry's Crossing, a halfling village that easily fits into any fantasy setting. Inncludes notable locations, NPCs, and skill challenges for new players to get their feet wet rolling dice!

  • Explanation of Soulstice, a fantasy analogue holiday that takes the familiar elements of Halloween and adds a splash of D&D magic.

  • An exciting "race against the clock" adventure focused on epic villains, high stakes, and an absolutely MASSIVE pumpkin.

  • Rules for running this adventure as a multi-table event! Two groups of heroes can divide and conquer to stop the Palescales from bringing back the dreaded Terazul.

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