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Technology Domain

A Divine Domain for the D&D 5e Cleric who can touch the soul of artifice to create powerful inventions.

What makes the ticking of a clock different from the beating of a heart? When does programming become instinct, and instinct evolve into intellect? If we were to ask the gods that set the world in motion how they saw it, would they say that everything is the workings of a massive machine?

Clerics of the technology domain will worship gods of creation, invention, craft, or even life; for them, life exists in stone and steel as much as it does in bone and muscle. Some eschew the worship of deities and instead draw power from the concepts of invention itself. They harness divine power to create works that are more than the tools of a blacksmith. They create and guide constructs, gadgets, automata, and other clockwork creations that surpass expectation, causing many to question just what makes a soul.

This supplement includes...

  • A subclass for Clerics that combines the inventive genius of a master craftsman with the divine devotion of a religious leader. They see the soul embedded in each piece of clockwork, each spinning gear, and each coiling spring. By tapping into this nascent sentience, they can manipulate machines (both magical and mundane) or even create powerful constructs of their own.

  • Special notes on how to flavor divine spells to capture the themes of this subclass. What does a cure wounds or hold person look like when it comes from the Technology Domain?

  • The Divine Machinist and Clockwork Soldier stat blocks. GMs can use these NPCs/monsters to bring the subclass's abilities into their game even if a PC is not using them. Perhaps this crazed inventor is attempting to take over a town, or the local toy maker is a more powerful ally than the party originally thought.  The two stat blocks work in concert to create compelling encounters for your D&D 5e games.

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