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Path of the Void

A Primal Path for the D&D 5e Barbarian that channels the inescapable wrath of the cosmos.

Everything was born from nothing, and to nothing it must return. This is the cold, howling rage of barbarians that follow the Path of the Void. They channel the endless emptiness of the space between stars, creating an inescapable annihilation that bends the very fabric of reality.Nothing can escape their wrath.

This supplement includes...

  • A subclass for Barbarians that want to become a force of cosmic destruction, drawing enemies towards oblivion like a black hole. Become inescapable with abilities that pull enemies towards you, dealing damage while trapping them within your rage's reach.

  • Weight of the End, the weapon of a cosmic executioner forged from star metal and malice. Your enemies will feel the weight of your blows as the blade drives them closer and closer towards immobilization with each hit.

  • The Warrior of Primal Annihilation is a CR 18 humanoid that will prove to be a most valuable ally or terrifying foe for any party. GMs can deploy the themes of this subclass in their game using powerful, streamlined abilities that will show your players the meaning of inescapable fury.

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