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Oath of the Void

A Sacred Oath for the D&D 5e Paladin that channels eldritch knowledge to change the world.

The Void calls, and the Oath of the Void Paladin answers to attain knowledge, power, and kinship with others. Only those of an unfettered mind and unbothered heart can truly shape the world’s destiny. Be them sworn to some cosmic entity or to their own heart in the dead of night, all paladins of the void hold these tenets sacred.

Seek. Strive to attain knowledge others lack the ability or courage to find. Truth, even dangerous truth, is worth any price.

Embrace. A weapon is only as dangerous as the hand that wields it. Wield the weird, lest your enemies gain the upper hand.

Echo Eternity. The void calls to us all, though most turn deaf ears to its song. Reach them and open more minds to the truth of the multiverse.

Pluck the Strings. Change is inevitable, but you will not be at its mercy. Yours is the hand that conducts the symphony of the stars.

This supplement includes...

  • A subclass for Paladins that draws on eldritch knowledge and disturbing powers, inspiring awe in their followers and dread in their enemies. The oath's abilities focus more on support and empowerment, building on the tenets to guide your character towards establishing themselves as a leader both on and off the battlefield.

  • The summon voidspawn spell, which allows paladins of this oath (along with bards, warlocks, wizards, and even some druids) to call on entities from the space between stars.

  • The Void Caller stat block that allows GMs to utilize this subclass's themes and abilities as an NPC in their games. Perhaps they lead a cult that spells doom for the party's home town, or they are an ally guiding the PCs into places most unexpected.

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