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College of Satire

A new subclass for the D&D 5th Edition Bard that focuses on comedy and acrobatics.

A new college for the Dungeons & Dragons 5e bard!

Where other bards seek forgotten lore or tales of epic bravery, those of the College of Satire - often called jesters - ferret out embarrassing and hilarious stories of all kinds. The words of a fool can both delight and undermine those in their company. As any good bard knows, words are a weapon! This supplement includes...

  • Mechanics to represent the comedic and magical machinations of the College of Satire.

  • A stat block for Gurnie Haddock, the iconic fool. Inspired by this subclass, this NPC allows GMs to bring the College of Satire to their tables as friend or frenemy.

  • Art to inspire and delight, courtesy of the online British Museum and the immensely talented Kate Weize.

Raise a glass and be delighted by sardonic satire!

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