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Blight Caller

A D&D 5e Ranger archetype focused on fungal magics that can heal or slay as needed.

A new ranger archetype for Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

Nature calls to every ranger differently. Yours digs into the muck of the forest floor, through the fetid water that pools in the cracks of the earth to reach the deepest truth of nature: all things must die.

This supplement includes...

  • Infectious diseases and parasitic fungi that debilitate and decompose your enemies with each strike.

  • Bolstering magics that blur the line between life and death, ensuring your allies stay alive while your enemies rot.

  • A Blight Caller NPC. Inspired by this subclass, this NPC allows GMs to bring the Blight Caller archetype to their games, with or without a ranger PC.

  • Powerful, blighted weaponry to reward players (or empower their enemies).

Answer the call with this new ranger archetype focused on debuffs, utility, and healing!

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