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Astral Tinkerer

A mind-bending specialization for the D&D 5e Artificer.

A new Artificer Specialization for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition!

The magic of artifice is often focused on literal nuts and bolts. Devices crafted from metals, woods, and other natural materials, or concoctions brewed in beakers, form the basis for their abilities. But what if an idea was all you needed? What happens when the limitless world of your imagination takes shape and becomes real?

As an Astral Tinkerer, you will explore the fringes of the Hidden Realm and learn to forge objects from nothing but your imagination.

This supplement includes...

  • The Astral Tinekrer subclass, an artificer specialization that expands on the rules presented in Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron and Tash's Cauldron of Everything.

  • An Astral Genius NPC. Inspired by this subclass, this NPC allows GMs to easily utilize the archytipical abilities of the Astral Tinkerer as an ally or enemy for your games.

  • Story hooks that bring your character closer to the multiverse. How did your artificer learn how to "ingineer the impossible"?

  • Art to inspire and delight, courtesy of the DMs Guild content creator resources.

Expand your game and unleash your imagination with The Astral Tinkerer!

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