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The Unknown Playbook

An unofficial playbook for the Thirsty Sword Lesbians TTRPG focused on self discovery and shifting identity.

How can you be your authentic self when you don’t even know who or what that is? Lost in a world with no clear answers, The Unknown struggles to define themselves. It’s one thing to be mysterious to others, but to yourself?

Their central conflict is self discovery; finding true identity separate from external pressures.

The Unknown is an unofficial playbook for the Thirsty Sword Lesbians TTRPG! You can find more information about the game at

The Story of Labels. Track how you (and others) see you as you grapple with fundamental questions of identity, all while balancing the needs of your community.

GM Tools. Includes all the relationship questions and GM moves you need to integrate the Unknown playbook into your game.

Custom Character Sheet. Thanks to the wonderful Powered By Lesbians layout by Darling Bat, you'll have a fully compatible TSL character sheet PDF, perfect for tracking your moves and labels as you adventure.

Beautiful, Iconic Art. Illustrated by Matias Galian, a.k.a. Garrioth, along with addition art to bring the mechanics to life!

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