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The House of Too Many Miseries

A horrifying D&D 5e adventure for any level of play.

The city guard has condemned it.

The people avoid it.

Now… you must survive it!

An old house stands empty after its owner died. The city guard marked it as natural causes and condemned the property, but the occult collector’s true fate is known to a select few. They’ve asked a party of heroes to investigate the house, hopeful that they will bring an end to a slew of strange occurrences.

This terrifying, scalable D&D 5th Edition adventure for 4-6 heroes of any level includes...

  • 21 pages of content.

  • Tactical maps of the haunted house, custom made using the Dungeon Alchemist Beta.

  • 7 brand new occult magic items steeped in cursed mechanics, along with a terrifying monster to horrify your players.

  • Rules for running special encounters called Haunts in D&D 5th Edition.

Content Warning. This adventure contains dark subject matter that may not be appropriate for all audiences. It includes direct and veiled references to suicide, murder, self-harm (blades), family tragedy, unborn children, blood (large quantities), acid burns, disfigurement, corpses, drowning, suffocation, dolls, being attacked by birds, and ingestion of harmful chemicals.


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