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How Far We've Come

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

August and September have been an absolute whirlwind for us, so we wanted to take a second and look at just how far we've come since starting this project, specifically by looking at some recent changes & successes that we've had.

New Website!

So first off, you probably noticed that the website got a fresh coat of paint. And by paint I mean an entirely new set of art done by the amazing Kate Weize! You'll be seeing more from her in the near future, but for now she has done a stellar job making the site look more appropriate to our goals - to embrace the classics while creating the unexpected. D&D existed before us, and it will exist after us in one form or another. We want to help push the art of TTRPG design into more fantastical, inclusive, creative spaces that bring excitement and joy to new generations of gamers. Kate's art delivers on that premise in spades.

Fantasy scene depicting a ruined city surrounded by strange creatures and events.

You might have noticed an early sketch of our new title banner appeared a few months back in a previous blog post. Now the finished product is here and it is STUNNING!

New Releases!

Along with our redesigned website comes the culmination of a 3 year journey: the release of The Court of Seasons! This project is especially important to use for two reasons:

  1. It was one of the adventures that inspired the entire Day 20 brand. Way back in 2018, before there was a website or anything, we had an idea for making our own adventures. The Court of Seasons was one of those first adventures we brainstormed, and it's been with us at every step in our journey. We playtested it at our first GenCon in 2019, as well as last year during the first GenCon Online.

  2. It represents our ideals as a brand: the adventure fits in well with any campaign setting; it can be played at any level; it features challenges and encounters that are different that what you typically expect from a D&D module; and it emphasizes inclusivity that mirrors the wide array of folks that love this game just like us.

We are so excited to see the adventure out in the wild and performing amazingly. We ran four Court of Seasons events during GenCon Online 2021, one for each tier of play. It was a blast, and we've heard so many positive things from the folks that joined us! It's an amazing feeling seeing this idea of ours come to life.

The DM's Guild cover art for The Court of Seasons.

New Partners!

In addition to running a full schedule of GenCon events, we also celebrated the launch of The Court of Seasons with a new partnership: Ginny Di!

We sponsored her Instagram and Twitter for the month of September, during which time she did an amazing job of portraying Lady Vehr, archfey of Spring.

Go check out all three of her posts!

New Mailing List and Pages!

This has been an incredible few weeks, and things are only going to continue improving. We've come a long way from a small little team with an idea, to publishing our first adventure last year, to releasing two products this year! Our processes are improving, our team is growing, and we're just getting started. As we continue to grow, more and more content will be delivered out into the massive TTRPG digital marketplace. To help keep everything organized, we've created a Projects Page where you can find everything we have for sale across the different retailers.

And with the release schedule of content only looking to grow, we've started a mailing list to help keep you updated. Not everyone uses social media (although, if you do, be sure to give us a follow at our Twitter and Instagram), so we wanted to provide folks a way to stay tuned in. This also gives us a way to share smaller bits of information apart from our usual blog release cycle. That doesn't mean we'll constantly fill your inbox with every idle thought, but it does mean you will always know when we release a new piece of content and where to get it!

New Plans!

For three years now, GenCon has been our primary way of hosting events and interacting with folks directly. GenCon 2021 was our best yet, and we can't wait for 2022... so we won't! We're actively looking for other ways to interact with folks outside of our GenCon events. If there's a gaming convention that has a digital component, we're looking at it. Make sure and join our mailing list since we will also be posting event information there as it comes up. And if there's a con you'd love to see us at, let us know in the comments!

One final note - THANK YOU!

We would not have gotten here without you, the folks who follow us and enjoy our stuff. We weren't sure if hosting five events this year would work out, but you all blew us away by selling out nearly every event we offered. We even had a few returning players from GenCon 2020! The fun y'all have is why we do this, so thanks again for helping us to get this far. We've only just begun!

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