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Three New Subclasses

The Void - a realm alien to ours in every way. It is home to things far older than our universe who hunger blindly in the abyss between stars. Tread carefully or not at all, for those who venture into such nightmarish places rarely survive unchanged.

This place of eldritch horror is the inspiration for three brand new D&D 5th Edition subclasses. Each strives to augment the core class in ways that create truly unique playstyles.

Oath of the Void Paladin

Inspired by the fantasy archetype of doomspeakers, cultic revolutionaries, and eldritch scholars, these scions of the void empower their allies both on and off the battlefield. Paladins are always powerhouses in combat, able to passively support their allies with Aura of Protection while dealing tons of damage in melee. What we wanted to do with this subclass is give the paladin more interesting options for how they can support parties in and out of combat.

For example, their Aura of Guiding Whispers allows them to use their reaction to give allies or enemies re-rolls on an attack or save. When you need them most, the Oath of the Void is able to guide events towards their desired outcome. And one of their channel divinity options is very unique, giving an ally a powerful buff to ability checks for 1 hour. At the end of that hour the ally checks to see how that knowledge from beyond the veil has affected them, either giving them a point of exhaustion or allowing part of the bonus to stick around for an extended period of time.

Swear an oath to the void here.

Path of the Void Barbarian

Their rage is so deep that it tears through the fabric of reality itself, creating gravitational surges that draw enemies towards them like a black hole. They are an inescapable fury that can control the shape of the battlefield.

Barbarians are always a threat... if they can hit you. Now Unarmored Movement helps with that a bunch, but it's not a guarantee, especially at higher levels when many foes will have flying or teleportation options. Path of the Void aims to give barbarians powerful tools to combat those threats and keep the battlefield under their control. They have both short and long range pull-effects which can bring enemies closer to you while still dealing damage. They can also use their Channel the Void ability to alter their body, becoming almost weightless or impossibly dense for 1 hour. These bonuses augment the way you can move around, making for a powerful ability that can help you conquer exploration challenges as well as excel in tactical movement in a combat.

Unleash your cosmic rage here.

Voidwalker Rogue

Survivors of an eldritch journey to the void itself, these rogues combine the high damage, high mobility of the core class with survivability and guile. These rogues prefer to be in the front line, keeping an enemy's focus while empowering themselves with planar energy to survive the consequences.

In addition to the normal Cunning Action options, Voidwalkers can shroud themselves in shadows of the void, gaining temporary hit points to help keep them in close combat rather than having to skulk away. This is paired with their Unsettling Strike ability, which penalizes enemies they hit with their sneak attack so that the rogue becomes the best target to try and hit. This subclass transforms the typically mid-range striker rogue class into a frontline tanking build, avoiding or mitigating damage entirely rather than needing overwhelming hit points or AC. And when you do need to make a retreat against high level threats, you can create a ton of surprises by further augmenting your Dash, Disengage, and Hide actions.

Step into the void here.

Bonuses & Bundles

In addition to the subclass mechanics for player characters, each PDF includes additional material to help GMs incorporate the themes and abilities of the subclasses into their campaigns. Each one has an NPC stat block for use as an ally or enemy, along with either a new spell or magic item.

Also, if all three sound to your liking, we have a special limited time bundle available now through the end of 2023. Pick up all three subclasses for $2 off using the bundle here!

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