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Matt Best

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Lead writer, designer, and co-founder of Day 20. I also work as a freelance writer, editor, and designer for all things TTRPG, but primarily 5th Edition D&D. I have been DMing and playing for over 5 years now, and would love to turn this beloved hobby of mine into a full time job!

Closeup of the Optolhydra

The Optolhydra

A D&D 5e monster for those that are looking to terrify new and veteran players alike! Everyone's fought a hydra, and floating eye beasts are sooo 2015... por qué no los dos!?

Art by @JoshDiffey!

Estra of Shadowvale

An adventure written for Green Ronin's Fantasy A.G.E. system. Help Estra, an ecentric mage from the isolated town of Shadowvale, gather clues in the dangerous Bogwood.

Looking upward into forest canopy with a gray sky.
Closeup of the Kelpie

The Kelpie

A monster for 5th edition D&D. Based on Celtic folklore, this fey shapeshifter uses magic to beguile and tempt travelers into a watery grave. Includes thrilling lair actions to challenge and terrify low level adventurers.

Loch Mess

A lake presents a pleasant respite for the heroes on their journey. Unfortunately it is also the lair of an evil fey shapeshifter: the kelpie.

An "on the road" mini-adventure featured in Windmill Slam Games' Monsters & Magic.

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